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Design This! #3: How to Make Cards

So now you’ve got your deck ready to go; you’ve chosen your basic cards and written up your talent cards. Now you need to make your cards. You’re going to need image making software. Get your hands on a version of Photoshop (PS) by Adobe. If you can’t, there is an open source alternative called GIMP. The processes of making images for print and making images for use online are slightly different. I’ll talk about how to make your images ready for the screen in a later article about building extensions for VASSAL. Right now, you’re getting ready to make your first PDF. Soon you’ll be designing top-notch ED cards that blend almost perfectly with the Hasbro decks. Read the rest of this entry >>

Design This! #2: Intro to Talent Cards

Last time we put your idea on the shelf to talk about basic decks. Now we’re picking your idea back up to talk about talent cards. There are as many ideas for talent cards as there are characters to use them. If you have an idea for a new concept, don’t be afraid to try it. But that doesn’t mean you can go crazy with whatever effects you want. The Epic Duels wiki has a ton of deck design advice for finding the right balance for your talent cards. Roman Farraday, an avid custom designer for ED, has several documents (page removed) that can really help you find your deck’s place in the power structure of the other decks and at the same time keeps each card a reasonably powered one. For ideas regarding your character’s theme, there is this article about character trends. These sources (along with a few more I mention down the way) are good places to learn how to build a “balanced” deck. Read the rest of this entry >>

Design This! #1: Knowledge

Step One: Knowledge

There is a lot of jargon when talking about decks. You can find definitions of most of the terms used on the Star Wars Epic Duels wiki.Other terms, which might not be ED universal (but probably should be), will themselves be links to the definition.Throughout this series, I refer to both Special and Power Combat cards as Talent cards.

So you have a great idea. The question is how to make a deck out of it. You could just put your idea on cards and call it a day, but it’s doubtful anyone will take your idea seriously. The first thing you need to do with your idea is put it on the shelf. You need to know how Epic Duels decks are built, then you can pick your idea back up and put it into a deck. Read the rest of this entry >>