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New L-Board: The Drive In [LNOE]

This custom L-board for Last Night On Earth contains the following buildings: Drive-In Lot, Drive-In Screen, Rec Center.┬áThe Drive-In Lot has a unique “pick up” ability, allowing Heroes a chance to find some Keys after killing a Zombie.

This map was inspired by an idea from my friend, Rich Pizor.

Printing: I print my maps on a wide-format machine. Take this file to any print place (Kinkos, Staples, etc.) to get this printed at the right size on one piece of paper. Otherwise, use tile printing with 11×17 paper. Get some matte board or project board from a hobby or art store (Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby), get some spray adhesive, stir briskly for 2-3 minutes.