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Mega Monster Attack!

Whether from the fathoms of the deepest oceans, the infinite reaches of space, or the depths of depraved science, Monsters have invaded Harbor City, and you’re one of them!


This is the opening scrawl of my first board game: Mega Monster Attack! The game utilizes a unique(ish) “spot” mechanic, where after you roll a die, the value doesn’t change, and you use those die values to power your monster’s abilities and take out buildings. I’m looking for playtesters – volunteer and I’ll mail you a free playtest copy!

Shadows Over Mystara Part Two [Pathfinder]

You think you’ve won? My master is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” -Tel’arin

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Creature Statblock: Migou [Pathfinder]

This beast looks down on you with eyes of cold malice, revealing an intelligence beyond what its bestial form suggests. Read the rest of this entry >>

NPC Statblock: Warduke [Pathfinder]

Warduke    CR19

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Shadows Over Mystara Part One [Pathfinder]

As you well know, monster raids have only increased. These savages are not only more powerful, but more organized than ever before. I suspect a guiding hand behind them. Find the puppet master. Cut the strings.” -Corwyn Linton Read the rest of this entry >>

Ye Olde Dorkistan

I’m more or less done updating the site to the easier-to-manage wordpress style blog. Which means there’s a ton of old content that is “cut” from Dorkistan. If you’re looking for things like alternate classes or updated 3.5 classes for Pathfinder, check out the archive. Basically, stuff that has since been rendered obsolete by later developments in whatever game they’re for — which incidentally is all Pathfinder material. (Great minds think alike?)