Design This! #3: How to Make Cards

So now you’ve got your deck ready to go; you’ve chosen your basic cards and written up your talent cards. Now you need to make your cards. You’re going to need image making software. Get your hands on a version of Photoshop (PS) by Adobe. If you can’t, there is an open source alternative called GIMP. The processes of making images for print and making images for use online are slightly different. I’ll talk about how to make your images ready for the screen in a later article about building extensions for VASSAL. Right now, you’re getting ready to make your first PDF. Soon you’ll be designing top-notch ED cards that blend almost perfectly with the Hasbro decks.


The first thing you need are image templates. There are two packagefor you to get good templates: Rich Pizor’s Deck Design Kit, and Dorkistan’s own Epic Duels Templates. Both Rich’skit and my templates are pre-sized, just waiting for you toaddyourideas. The standard pixels per inch for printed work is 300ppi. These files are set at 150ppi. Rich assures us, that is good enough; stuff you print on your home printer most likely won’tshow a difference. The standard measurement for ED cards is 2 1/16 in. X 2 7/8 in. (5.25 cm X 7.3cm), and the standard measurement for Health Charts is 4.625 in. X 4.75 in. (11.75 cm X 12.07 cm). At 150 ppi, these templates are as close to those measurements as PS will let you go. The best font match I’ve found is Eurostyle. It’s not a perfect match, but like Rich says, it’s good enough.
The rest of this article has been stricken from the record. Why? Because if you need explanations on how to use templates, you should be using the Epic Duels Deck Designer instead.

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  1. umondy says:

    Hi Dorkistan, I love your templates they are great. The Deck Designer is great also but usually the Helath Charts look pretty cheap and I discovered a generally lower quality when printing out the cards.

    I’m just trying to create my 1st complete Dekc using your awesome templates. I just have one question maybe a stupid one but nevertheless. What’s the recommended way to change the color of the “color swath’s”? Maybe I’m stupid but I can’t find a way to change it without putting a color just on top of it but this obviously would suck.

    Would be awesome if you could help me out here.
    Thanks and greets.

    • sultan says:

      In Photoshop (CS 4), in the menu Image>Adjustments>Hue&Saturation you can play with the dials to change the colors. The template was made before I had a great understanding of the color palette. If I were to make them today, they’d use that.

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