Ivalice Campaign Setting: Races

This is sure, by far, to be the most polarizing chapter of the book. Liberties were taken. Regrets were ignored.

Suffice to say that the source games weren’t written with consistency and world building in mind. That’s how you end up with several races without gender differentiation and overwhelming prejudices and stereotypes. In reconciling these “problems,” I made some stuff up. Beyond that, there are some hints at how I’ve imported other aspects from the video games that will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows.

Download Chapter 2: Races

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  1. Hey there! I’m a fledgling DM hopin’ hard to pull together resources to build a really thorough treatment of Ivalice for DnD. Did you ever do any more work on this? I was really impressed with your attention to detail, and I’d be really interested to hear more.

    • sultan says:

      Unfortunately no, the work was lost to an aggressive virus. Note to self: don’t stop backing up your computer just because you’ve never needed it before.

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