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Gauntlet (Slayer Edition) Wizard Guide

I’ve had this game since it came out (or thereabouts), but only recently started playing it. Hoo boy is this game fun; they really tapped in to what made the original arcade game exciting and addictive, while incorporating modern actin rpg elements. My favorite character is probably the Elf, but the character I *want* to love the most is the Wizard.

After several frustrating attempts to play the Wizard (solo), I Googled around for a guide to playing Merlin. I can’t say there’s nothing out there, but I can say what’s out there isn’t terribly impressive on the graphical front. And while I certainly appreciate people compiling his button combinations and talking about how to use his spells, I needed something more comprehensive when it comes to actually learning the combos.

Merlin’s Spellbook

The nine spells can be separated into three categories: Offense, Protection, and Utility. Mastering the basic spells allows you to unlock the potential of Merlin’s other weapons.

Offense: Fire Ball or Lightning Chain will be your bread and butter damage spells. Flame Bomb is your best area damage spell, but learning its range can be challenging. Polar Ray does significant damage after a few seconds, but you’re immobile the whole time; this spell is best used in conjunction with Static Sphere.

Protection: Glacial Cascade can give you time to escape, and Static Spheres will protect a small area from most attacks, but your big escape spell is Ember Wave, which teleports you a long distance and ignites any enemies in your path.

Utility: Static Sphere creates a bubble that pushes enemies back; use this to block tight spaces and give yourself some breathing room. Glacial Cascade freezes the  enemies directly in front of you and creates impassable terrain (out of frozen enemies). Thunder Fist has a short recharge and knocks some enemies back, but is mostly useful for breaking props.  Frozen Orb is perhaps the most useful crowd control spell, but it’s difficult to target and has a long casting time.

Sinister Sentience

This book replaces the ice spells with more damage-oriented fire spells. Using Sinister Sentience removes most crowd control options, but adds significant damage output. In addition to damage, every Sinister Sentience spell ignites enemies.

Endritch’s Mystic Sphere

This orb replaces the fire spells with more mobile-friendly spells. Flarebolts is a rapid-fire spell that Merlin can cast while moving and is useful for dealing damage on the run, and Energorbs creates a barrier that protects Merlin and damages enemies that come into contact with an orb.

The Hollow Chapters

This book replaces the lightning spells with spells that offer more utility. Gravity Well pulls enemies in, bunching them up and slowing them, making them vulnerable to area damage. Void Torrent deals little damage, but significantly slows close enemies. Nether Cloak turns Merlin and nearby allies invisible for a short time.