The Return

Oh, hey, website. I forgot you were there.

It’s been over two years since my last update. Here’s why.

I had already (more-or-less) stopped freelance writing in ’13. This was because I hadn’t been in any games for quite some time, and without that inspiration driving me, writing became a chore rather than a diversion.

Since, by that time, Dorkistan had become primarily a repository for Pathfinder material that I couldn’t sell for one reason or another, that left me generating zero new content. Also, in early 2015 my computer was taken hostage by some aggressive malware, and nearly 20 years of notes, article seeds, campaign ideas, and other design-related files were lost. :sadface:

This, combined with a bevy of new(-ish) hobbies that started taking more of my time, caused Dorkistan to fall by the wayside.

Well starting in May that changes. While I haven’t picked up a regular gaming group, regretably, some of those new hobbies are worth sharing and I am deep into designing a board game with some friends. I’ve also got an inkling to take up fiction writing again.

So any past projects that are unfinished on this site will sadly remain that way forever. I do have a plan for at least one big RPG-related project, but most of my posts from here on out will be small vignettes of something new(-ish).

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