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What is Dorkistan?

Sages and philosophers alike tell of a magic place, a land of mystery found more oft by accident than purpose. Wondrous and exotic, like the legends of Shangri-La, the Fountain of Youth, the Yeti Brothel, and Old Milwaukee, Dorkistan has captivated generations of adventurers and explorers, only to elude the grasp of even the most determined seeker. What power holds this place protected? What beasts dwell in this lost sanctuary?

The truth is far more complex than a mere tale. Only whisps of the Enlightenment of Dorkistan have escaped its confines, but these bits are no less mystical shewn in the harsh light of reason. You, dear reader, are invited to explore what you can of Dorkistan, and perhaps in doing so you will be drawn in, invited fully into the embrace of this most holy place. (Hey, that last bit rhymed! W00t!) is a clearing house, of sorts, for my burgeoning aspirations toward writing, editing, and game design, with a focus mostly on the latter. Oh, my name is Thomas Baumbach. You can call me Sultan.

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